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Volunteer Opportunities

Bloggers are responsible for writing, scheduling, and crafting content for our site.

Bloggers are responsible for creating public content to be frequently updated on the blog.  Ideally, each chapter should be supplying at least one blog per quarter, though we also need other content to fill in the gaps.  You are welcome to blog about whatever you feel is relevant to the site – the show, the movie, the Movement, environmental activities and organizations you’re involved in, ideas and facts about the environment, etc.

Bloggers will be responsible for choosing what media is associated with their posts – if you attend an event, make sure that you get a few pictures while you’re there, or if you borrow someone else’s make sure you are not embedding directly from their site.  It’s rude to slow down someone else’s site with our embeds!  You will need to host the pics on imgur or another service and embed them in the blog.  Embedding video is also encouraged!

The average net reader doesn’t stay around for longer than 3 or 4 paragraphs.  Keep it concise and get your main idea across in the first few sentences, then elaborate.

The blog is about 560 px wide.  Keep this in mind when embedding from Youtube, etc.
To add images to your posts, drag and drop them from another window into the blog box.  You can then click the Edit Image icon (looks like a mountain) to add captions or resize the picture.
The type of content you produce is crucial to readership!  Our five most popular blogs, in order of popularity, are:

  1. Official Captain Planet Feature Film Press Release
  2. Why You Should Cut Plastic Rings
  3. Be A Planeteer For Halloween
  4. A Saturday Morning TwitterToon
  5. 5 Ways to Make the Captain Planet Movie Full of Win

Quick link to log in is – Helpful to memorize it!
It might be a good idea to work with other members of the blog team to create a schedule for when you want each of your posts to go up.  You will need to spellcheck, preview, and publish your posts when they are ready to go live!

HTML Editors / Page Designers
The HTML Editors will update page design around the site, as well as perform basic site admin and maintenance duties.

Qualifications: Basic HTML knowledge, knowledge of WordPress or another “website in a box” system, spelling and grammar skills and attention to detail

The HTML Editors are responsible for the site’s backend management and outward appearance. Occasionally we create new pages for special events or if we have new functionality within the Movement and the site and Menu Bar need to be updated to reflect that. HTML Editors will be responsible for written content, as well as image and video embeds on the pages as well as making sure the overall appearance holds across browsers and systems.

The most visited page on the entire site is the front page. The front page ‘sliders’ need to be kept up-to-date and the front few should be rotated every other week or so, given that we have new content. The page needs to feel ‘alive.’ You will want to coordinate with the Media team to create an appropriate graphic for new sliders and will upload them to the Media Library on our site before embedding.

As Site Editors, you’ll be responsible for deleting bot accounts as well. This is pretty easy and usually just requires an occasional glance at the ‘Pending Blogs’ page. If a user has posted dozens of times or the post looks like junk, go in through the Users menu and delete the account. Their dummy posts will go with them.

Ideas / Upcoming Projects:
The Front Page has a lot of wasted space and it would be great to flesh it out with some more widgets and interactive areas, especially once we have more content coming in through the blog and other channels. Once you have a better grasp on WordPress and the site’s functions, it would be great to work on this.

We need to figure out some long-term solution for keeping a ‘digital scrapbook’ of our events, photos, etc., which can be sorted both by Network or seen as a chronological continuous stream.

Social Media
Writing posts, scheduling content, managing media, admin duties in the groups, and creating as wide a virtual network as possible.

The social media team will be responsible for managing the various aspects of our multiple social networks.  Each network (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has various duties and and it is important that you understand the workings of the system you are working with.  An admin can be responsible for multiple roles.

Facebook Groups:

  • The Planeteer Network Facebook Groups were originally crafted as a ‘working space’ for each Network to communicate, strategize, and execute their various initiatives, perhaps with some idea tossing about various events or organizations in the area and how to spread our reach.  However, they’ve started turning into spam boards (some moreso than others) which distracts from the objective of running our Network and accomplishing tasks.

Group Admins would be responsible for making sure the Group discussion stays on target, warning individuals not to overpost, and approving any new member requests to the group.
  • Perhaps a more elegant solution to cut down on Group spam would be to create a Planeteer Network Page where Planeteers worldwide can interact, post various content and links, and be more casual.  This Page would also need admins.

Captain Planet’s Facebook Page

  • Content scheduling and post writing/formatting, with a balance of environmental content, show trivia/clips, and Planeteer Movement updates.
  • Simple, easy to answer posts and questions perform extremely well.  The shorter, the better!
  • Our most liked and commented posts of all time on CP’s Facebook have been:
    “Happy New Year 2012!  The Power Is Yours!” – 1300 likes
    “What’s something you do that benefits the environment?” – 430 comments
  • Keep up with the blog on  Not everything that goes up should be reposted, but a quality post is worth sharing!
  • The account can only be managed via Barbara’s office.  This means that a Google Doc or some other form of content management will need to be in place that can simply be referenced for post content!


  • This job can actually be handled individually by several people.  We can Tweet really as much as we want to, as long as it’s not more ten times an hour.  There doesn’t need to be a set schedule or anything, just consistency.
  • Interaction is key.  If you’re not asking questions, ReTweeting, or starting conversations with a #hashtag, your posts are sitting stale.
  • I have a feed set up on my Twitter for Mac app that lets me keep an eye on any posts that contain the terms “Captain Planet” or #CaptainPlanet.  RTing these users or answering their fan questions is an easy way to get new followers.
  • Some Networks have set up their own Twitter accounts.  The main @PlaneteerAlert Twitter should be RTing and interacting with their accounts, and perhaps it’s time for each Network to set up their individual Twitter as well, e.g. @ATLPlaneteers.
  • Just remember that Twitter is a two way street.  Interact!

This section refers to Youtube as a video networking platform rather than the production side of things.

  • There are dozens (if not hundreds) of Captain Planet Fan Films present on YouTube, tons of clips, etc.  We need to find channels that are similar to us or Captain Planet themed, subscribe to them, and comment and favorite their videos.
  • Youtube networking is about your relationship with other YouTubers – if you don’t scratch other users’ pages with a comment or shoutout, they’ll never scratch yours!
  • A list of links to the most meaningful or fun content once a week could save a lot of footwork for the people on the Facebook, Twitter, and Planet Blog.
  • Our audience (on CP’s main FB page) has responded very well to nostalgic and funny content.  Finding, favoriting, and sharing old toy commercials, CP promos, etc. would go a long way in keeping the fan service going and getting people excited.
  • This position would also properly uploading videos as they are sent from the various Planeteer Networks.  This includes writing descriptions, properly tagging, titling, and using YouTube annotations and video links, as well as testing the videos before making them live.

Content Surfers

  • Content Surfers are responsible for finding the ‘best of’ the web through various sites and bringing it home to the Blog and Social Media teams.  Be it environmental sites or Captain Planet fan art, the job entails hunting the Internet for the best (relevant) content to be shared with the appropriate networks to take some of the weight off of the other teams.
  • Great places to get started include Reddit and Digg’s environment sections, news sites like Huffpost and NYT, and DeviantArt, YouTube, and Tumblr (for Cap related content)
  • A short blurb explaining what you have found goes a long way in saving the other teams the time of reading and writing a description based solely on a URL.

Video Team
The Video team will plan, produce, edit, and provide finished, compressed clips to engage our audience and amass views and subscribers.

Qualifications: A basic understanding of video production and the ability to follow through on projects that you initiate.  Having your own equipment is a major help!

The Video Team will be responsible for creating multiple types of videos: Event Recaps, Promo Videos, Annual/Progress Reports, and Viral Videos.  Most videos will need to fit in the 3:00 – 3:30 range, and every video should feature our official near the beginning and the at the very end.

Event Recaps

  • Planeteer Meetups are a great opportunity to get some quick shots.  A brief narration track mixed with clips of the various Planeteers explaining what we accomplished could really invigorate some new energy in our video channel!
  • Meetups also provide an outlet to capture stock footage for Annual Reports and promo videos
  • A Planeteer Meetup recap could easily be captured by an individual videographer.  Don’t overshoot or you’ll regret it in editing!
  • Larger events might necessitate additional crew.  Reporters or on-camera personalities could add a lot to events like Dragon*Con or a small team could go cover an event like Earth Day or even something simple like a trip to the Farmers’ Market.
  • Many events are time sensitive.  If the Planeteers attend a Halloween themed event, the edited video needs to go up no later than one week after the date!

Promo Videos

  • Some events might necessitate their own video promo.  When the Planeteers attend events on college campuses, we try to contact the college TV stations to get airtime.
  • If it’s being played on a CCTV network, find out any length or format requirements before you start!
  • Make sure any promos feature our homepage’s URL at the end, as well as any info regarding time and location!

Annual / Progress Reports

  • Video reports can breathe new life into old content, and serve as great benchmarks to represent how much we’ve accomplished in a year (or other given amount of time)
  • It’s a good idea to keep a library of the best stock footage and photos for use whenever it comes time to make a summary vid.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the Graphics team for help if you need sliders, text, or any other assets to spice up your video!

Viral Videos

  • Viral Videos are intended for the widest audience possible.  This is where we can really have fun and make use of the Captain Planet brand to captivate as wide an audience as possible!
  • When it comes to YouTube – funny, short, and ridiculous are destined for success!
  • Planning is key – If you’re going to make something with higher production values than the average Event Recap, you’ll want to make sure you have everything in order long before you get out the camera.
  • Be careful not to take on too many projects at once – It’s easy to come up with ideas, but executing them can take time.  Don’t get ahead of yourself!
  • It might be a good idea for the video team to sit down and brainstorm what projects they want to take on, and who will cover what roles.  We can’t function without a game plan!

Images are crucial to expressing our messages visually and hooking readers and viewers into our content.

Qualifications: Some experience with Photoshop or a similar program, eye for design

The Graphics Team will provide assistance to both the Web Team and the Video Team for whatever needs they may have.

Ideally, the front page of will be more active, with the ‘sliders’ changing out on a weekly basis or so.  The web team will need relevant graphics to include in the updated sliders.  These images have dimensions of 480×390 and should be both eye-catching and reflect the content that is being linked.  The web team may also occasionally need graphics for various new pages.

The Video team will occasionally need graphics for video projects.  They can specify the needs on a situational basis.

Upcoming projects:
It would be great to have a section of our website where Planeteers could download the various elements to make their own graphics, banners, etc.  This could be something to collaborate with the web team on!

PR / Virtual Promotion
The PR team will be responsible for outreach to promote our best content and engage external audiences and organizations.

Online Promotion – The PR team will take advantage of multiple avenues for promoting our best content.  Those include:

  • Editor contact – Maintaining a list of emails of editors from various “pop-culture” and “eco” news sites.  Many sites (Gawker, Jezebel, 9Gag, Ecorazzi, etc.) have links on their pages where users can contact and ‘tip off’ new content.  This would not be something to abuse, but our very best content sent to the right editor might strike a chord.
  • Self-submitted sites – Sites like Digg, Reddit (r/environment), and others are a good way to test what works and to see what people like or don’t like.  Keep in mind that these sites are communities, not spamboards, and that the audiences there will respond negatively to mass posting abuse.  Building a relationship with the community will help your content to go far.
  • Eco bloggers – As I mentioned with Editor contact, also helpful would be to build relationships with various eco-bloggers.  There was a lot of buzz with both the DVD and movie announcements, but if we could introduce them to the Planeteer community it could be a mutually beneficial relationship.

*When performing outreach to various websites, it would be beneficial to keep an eye out for good content that might help the blog or social media teams.

This role will also encompass in-person communication, though that directive is to be expanded on by the group itself.

The Events team designs, coordinates, and promotes Planeteer Meetups, special events, and any other meetings that need to take place.

Team Responsibilities:
Planeteer Meetups

  • Choosing a venue, securing the location, and determining what time and date works for the rest of the groups
  • Creating an engaging Facebook invite with proper description
  • Drafting an email invite to be sent to our local group (might require assistance from Email and Graphics team)
  • Taking notes at Meetups, typing up recap for our Facebook group

Coordinate the group’s participation in any other events we decide to take part in.  This includes managing attendees and obtaining passes for events like Dragon*Con.

Secure whatever photo/video needs each event requires – Even it if means taking a few pics yourself!

Event setup (hanging the banner, setting up sign in sheet/table, distributing promo cards)

Any group conference calls are to be set up and scheduled by the Events team.

This team will heavily rely and be relied on by the other teams – the members need to be cooperative, self-starting, and well organized!

Managing our Mailchimp system and communicating with the entire Planeteer Movement.

Email Newsletters – A ‘best of’ the past month (or bi-monthly, or quarterly.. frequency is TBD) with photos, links, upcoming events and updates on our best content for the entire Movement.

Will use Mailchimp to manage our subscribers and may have to segment specific emails to particular cities based on geo-location depending on the content.

Answering CP Fanmail and forwarding certain inquiries to the appropriate team as they come in.  This must be checked at least once per day but is fairly easy to manage.

The Email team will need to keep tabs on all of our content, write engaging copy, and be able to use email updates to drive subscribers back to our site.

Planeteer Shop
The Shop Team will manage any products, sales, and shipment from the website.


Order management / Customer service

  • This includes checking the CP sales email and logging into Google Checkout to manage orders, confirm payment, and confirm shipping.
  • Stocking padded envelopes
  • Packing, labeling, and shipping rings from Barbara’s house

Store maintenance and design (in conjunction with HTML crew)


  • For free if possible; research what options best suit our needs and are the most cost-effective.

New Products

  • Planeteer CD coming soon; needs to be implemented in store with a digital download.
  • Other new items?  CafePress is a good option, would completely cut out order management and shipping duties for us.  Would require implementation on website.


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