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Tips and Resources

So you’ve taken the initiative to start a Planeteer Network, added your friends, and downloaded our Planeteer Resource Packet. What next? Here’s a few tips that have helped other networks hit the ground running:

Getting Started

To turn your ideas into reality, you may need some help! A great first step is to meet up with other Planeteers in your area. Pick a time, date, and public location to have your first Planeteer Meet Up and contact your Planeteer friends to come. You’ve already taken the initiative, so send us a message at We will work with you through our email list, website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help gain extra exposure for your meeting!

Some ideas are more ambitious than others, and you might need to create a game plan to accomplish your goals! Here’s a few responsibilities that group members can volunteer for to help stay on track. Remember, all projects are different and these positions are merely guidelines for starter ideas. Brainstorm with your group to determine the best path to achieve success with your project!


Events – Find (or create) local activities to participate in. Think of things you can do regularly and simply to attract fellow Planeteers. These can be gatherings/meetups or environmental activities. Join up with others who already have ties in your community.

Partners – Reach out to (and thank) local organizations for cooperating with your group. It’s a great idea to have a consistent place for meetups, and getting organizations involved can be mutually beneficial.


Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Email – keep the world up to date on what’s been happening with Planeteers in your area! You can register for an account to post on the Planet Blog, which will also keep your local page up to date. You don’t need to be an expert – just creative with words! You can also set up a local Twitter profile and Facebook Group to spread the word. Let us know if you need help!

Photo and Video – Showing Planeteers around the world what you’re working on is a great way to spread ideas. Send us a link to your Planeteer pictures and videos, and we’ll feature them on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and ‘The Power Is Yours’ pages!

Combine Powers

Volunteers – Get to know the local volunteer organizations in your area! Plenty of people the world over are doing great things and you can volunteer with them or provide support by drawing attention to their work!

It’s a great idea to have an open discussion with your group on what issues you believe are important, and what we can do as Planeteers to address these issues. Be creative and positive! Bouncing ideas off of each other lends itself to the pooling of resources and that’s when big change can happen!

By our powers combined…

It’s important to stay connected with the site and communicate what you’re working on! By showing what works in your area, other chapters can apply the same techniques. Always remember that together, we can find solutions to create a sustainable world. Planeteers can do this by combining our efforts, talents, and ideas. The Power is Yours!

If you could use a hand with ideas and support, email We’re here to help!


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