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Create a Planeteer Network!

Planeteer Networks have been launching all over the world, allowing Planeteers to connect locally to share ideas, events, volunteer organizations, and ways to cooperate and improve your community!

Are you interested in starting your own Planeteer Network? Download our Planeteer Network Resource Packet and you’ll be well on your way!

How to start a Planeteer Network in your area:

1.) Go to Facebook Groups and click “Create Group.”

2.) Enter your City or University followed by ‘Planeteers’ as the Group Name (Ex. Timbuktu Planeteers). Keep in mind that the broader your network is, the more people will be willing to join, but you still want to keep it local enough to where it will be relevant to your area! You can also choose an icon to the left of your Group Name.

3.) Go ahead and add yourself and any friends you think would be interested in participating!

4.) Make sure you set the group to ‘Open.’ You definitely want people to find you online! Click ‘Create.’

5.) Once you’re in your group, on the righthand side, click ‘Edit Group.’ Make sure the box that says ‘Only admins can approve requests to join’ is unchecked. Also, set up your email as your Planeteer Network name, for example, atlantaplaneteers. Whatever you use here will determine your group’s domain name, so be sure not to misspell anything!

6.) Enter your Planeteer Network’s description. This is what newcomers will see upon their first visit to your group. If you want to write something of your own, feel free, or you can copy and paste the following text:

The Global Planeteer Movement is growing quickly, and we’ve been working hard to reach out to Planeteers around the world!

We encourage you to become involved with the Planeteer Movement by joining the discussion and inviting your friends! The Power Is Yours!

Be sure to save your changes!

7.) Now it’s time to add a Profile Picture for your group at the top left! You can use the Planeteer Movement logo included in the Planeteer Network Resource Packet, or if you have an image of your Network in action, use that!

8.) Head back to the Group Wall, and make your first post! It can really be anything, a welcome, or whatever you like! You’re welcome to post the “What’s A Planeteer?” video that describes the Planeteer Movement and our mission! Just copy and paste this link:

Oh, and feel free to post a message with it, like: Welcome to your local Planeteer Network! Feel free to start the conversation and share your ideas, events, and eco-knowledge so that we can work towards a sustainable future!

9.) Up in the web address bar, you should see your group’s URL. If you had registered your Group Email as atlantaplaneteers, it would be Copy and paste this address into an email with ‘PLANETEER NETWORK’ as the subject and send it to with your name, city, state, and country in the body. This way, we can add you to the Planeteer Networks Map on and on Captain Planet’s Facebook Page! It might take a day or two for your Network to go up, but you can get started on your own until then!

10.) Start adding friends, spreading the word, and planning projects for your Planeteer Network to participate in! You may want to plan a meetup for everyone to get to know each other, or you may want to recruit volunteers for an initiative you’re planning in your neighborhood! Your Planeteer Network is a resource to connect the strings of Planeteers in your area – So use it!

The Power Is Yours!


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