Countdown to Release : Deadly Ransom

When she's not committing eco-villainry, Dr. Blight hangs out in dockside bars and toyboxes.
Great, so Duke Nukem (Dean Stockwell) and Dr. Blight (Meg Ryan) have Cap holed up in some bunker in Antarctica. On top of that, they’re demanding a lifetime supply of nuclear waste – for who knows what? I guess Nukem’s hungry. And what is it with this guy and Antarctica? Leave those penguins alone!

This brings us to a very real topic, though. What are we supposed to do with nuclear waste? After the uranium is used up, the rods have to stay somewhere, and they can be dangerous: In fact, nuclear waste is so hot that if it is spilled, it will melt through the earth until it hits groundwater! Many people are talking about potential solutions. Read on in this article by VOA News to find out more.

In other news, Wednesday night is the World Premiere of the Captain Planet Season One DVDs! It’ll be hosted by Renew Social Ventures and Architecture for Humanity right outside Atlanta. Not a southerner? Not a problem! We’ll be live-tweeting from the event, giving out prizes, and having a good ol’ virtual time from 7:30 to 9:30. Just follow us @PlaneteerAlert, and use the hashtag #TPIY to join the party!

Til then, The Power Is Yours!

Countdown to Release 19 : Rain of Terror

April Fools! Today’s a little different – Instead of our usual environmental post, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the completely awesome bonus features included in Captain Planet Season One on DVD! Remember, our Twitter Giveaway is still on, so you can win yourselves one of these puppies before they even hit store shelves!

Check out the exclusive clip below. Thanks to Shout! Factory for the sneak peek!

If you’re interested in the real effects of acid rain, check out this New York Times’ article.

Countdown to Release 20: Beast of the Temple

We’re down to the big 2-0, which means less than three weeks until the DVDs are in your hands!! Can’t wait that long? Enter our Twitter Giveaway as many times as you want between now and April 19th. We’re picking 8 winners in all, and you’ll be one of the first people in the world to have your hands on these hotcakes! You’ll need to follow us PlaneteerAlert to be eligible!

Speaking of Twitter, be sure to tune in Wednesday, April 6th from 7:30-9:30 EST when we live-Tweet from the Captain Planet DVD World Premiere! We’ll be giving away tons of rare Captain Planet goodies, so this is one event that you NEED to attend! Plus, it’s virtual! Anyone can join using the hashtag #TPIY.

Today’s countdown episode is Beast of the Temple. There’s a dragon on the loose! Oh wait, that’s just Greedly and Rigger in a strip-mining machine.. What is it with people tearing up the Earth for money?

NRDC is on the right track. Check out the excerpt below, and explore the full online campaign here.

Coal isn’t clean, and it’s definitely not cheap. Across the Appalachians, companies are blowing entire mountaintops to smithereens to get at the thin coal seams below. The communities of the region are paying the cost in their health, their culture and their natural heritage.

Mining companies are clear cutting thousands of acres of some of the world’s most biologically diverse forests. They’re filling local rivers and streams with blasted debris, polluting drinking water with toxic waste and sacrificing the safety and sanctity of countless communities.

Mountaintop removal mining is not just devastating the region’s environment and quality of life. It is also steadily crushing the heart of Appalachia.

Countdown to Release : Ozone Hole

Hey, if you looked like a humanoid quilt, you might be an eco-villain, too.
Only 22 days to release, and we’re getting closer by the minute! We got tons of prizes to give away in our Twitter Giveaway that launched yesterday, read the full details to find out more. Remember, you can post to enter as many times as you like! We’re also extremely excited about the screening party happening next Wednesday, April 6th in Atlanta. Don’t worry, we’ll be Tweeting live from the event and giving out prizes, so be sure to join in using the hashtag #TPIY and our handle @PlaneteerAlert during the event to participate, meet other Tweeters, and win prizes!

Today’s episode, Ozone Hole, marks the first appearance of that rascally radioactive hothead, Duke Nukem. You’ll want to break out the sunscreen for this episode! Duke Nukem (voiced by Dean Stockwell) has busted a hole in the ozone layer and is getting a charge out of it, over Antarctica no less! What a hothead!

Unfortunately, ozone depletion and its effects on the environment are a very real thing. Read on in Kate Taylor’s article from TG Daily to find out more:

Testing at a network of over 30 ozone sounding stations across the Arctic and Subarctic has shown that at the relevant altitudes about half of the ozone that was present above the Arctic has been destroyed over the past few weeks.

“Since the conditions leading to this unusually rapid ozone depletion continue to prevail, we expect further depletion to occur,” says Markus Rex of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

And the changes may have an impact beyond the Arctic. Air masses exposed to ozone loss above the Arctic tend to drift southwards later, so that episodes of high UV intensity could also occur in middle latitudes.

“Special attention should thus be devoted to sufficient UV protection in spring this year,” says Rex.

The breakdown products of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) destroy ozone when exposed to extremely cold conditions. And with climate change apparently making Arctic winters colder, there have been greater ozone losses.

You can read the rest of TG Daily’s article here.

Thankfully, steps are being taken to find alternatives to CFCs, but those that are already in the environment and atmosphere will remain there for decades. Be responsible with products you use, and research how to properly dispose of them! The Power Is Yours!


So, you’ve been following our Countdown to Release.  You watched the Unboxing Video complete with its strikingly handsome host.  You’ve been drooling over the $5 coupon code supplied by Shout! Factory (register for details).  But when can you finally get your hands on those DVDs?

How about before they’re released?? That’s right, we’re giving away nine sets of DVDs between now and the release day, April 19th.

Wait, NINE SETS?!  Who approved this?  Shout! Factory themselves!  (obligatory spot here: Check out Shout! Factory for your 100% fix of retro nostalgia 80’s and 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon goodness.  Whew!  Say that 10 times fast.)

So how does one go about scoring said proverbial sets of DVDs?  Easy-peasey!  Just follow us on Twitter @PlaneteerAlert, then copy and paste the following Tweet as your status:

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There, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  The schedule for winning is as follows:

  • 2 winners between now and April 5th
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The winners will be chosen by whoever is the closest to post at times that have been predetermined by the staff.  If there’s a draw, we’ll choose between the closest posters at random!

Follow us. We'll be good to you.

You can repost as much as you want between now and then, BUT keep in mind that only the posters who are closest to the predetermined times will win.  Oh, and you can only win once.

But wait, why are there only 8 DVDs listed for the giveaway?  You said nine!

Ah, the elusive 9th set.  We’ll be giving away this baby as part of a grand prize package at our Captain Planet Twitter Party on Wednesday, April 6th between 7:30-9:30 PM EST.  We’ll be announcing more on this on our Facebook Page, but for now all you need to know is to use the hashtag #TPIY to participate in the conversation during that time (remember, The Power IYours) so become a fan and stay tuned!

So is that enough for you?  Think you’ve got a chance?  The giveaway gates are officially open, so post post post away!

Countdown to Release 22 : Population Bomb

Only 22 days left til those sweet little DVD hotcakes hit the shelves! ..Or your mailbox, if you preorder. Don’t forget that if you sign up on, you’ll receive a coupon code for $5 off the DVD set on Shout! Factory’s website. That’s an entire week’s allowance! Woo hoo!

Today’s countdown to release brings us to the episode “Population Bomb.” Humanoid mice run rampant in this episode, overwhelming their environment with overpopulation and overconsumption. Good thing we humans wouldn’t do anything like that.. Oops! This episode was written nearly 2 billion people ago. This is the year of 7 billion, after all.

(A bit of trivia: Did you know Captain Planet Exec. Producer Barbara Pyle created a documentary on the ‘Day of Five Billion’ people? That was July 11, 1987, before ol’ Cap was even on the job!)

But what about the future? How can we keep ourselves in check and manage our resources while the population continues to increase? Read on in this article from Jonathan Gitlin over at ArsTechnica:

Facing a convergence of threats, the global food system is failing. Each month, the global population grows by another 6 million, and an ever-wealthier world means one with more purchasing power, which drives up prices. Currently, with the global population at 7 billion and change, more than a billion of those go to bed hungry, and another billion suffer from malnutrition. And trends suggest that things will get worse. 2010 was the first year when more people lived in urban rather than rural environments; by 2050, we’re going to need 30 percent more food and 40 percent more water than is currently available.

Agriculture is also contributing between 10 and 12 percent of the emissions that drive climate change. And, even with immediate policy changes, climate change has locked in weather changes for the next 20 years, which will have an impact on food production. The 2007-08 food price spike put millions into poverty, and the signs are there that these food price spikes will continue to happen. Last year’s Russian heat wave halved its harvest, and floods in Pakistan have been doing its food production no favors either.

Read the entire article here to learn more about the proposed methods for maintaining food supply in a sustainable matter with our increasing population!

EXCLUSIVE! Season One DVD Unboxing

Hey Planeteers, Kyle here with a first look inside the Captain Planet Season One DVD box set.  You saw it first on!!

Countdown to Release : Polluting by Computer

'Greetings! You have inherited a large sum of money!'

Only 23 days left until the DVDs hit store shelves! We’ve launched the Countdown to Release on Facebook and Twitter, and will be updating from our blog, too! Stay tuned to, because the Planeteer Movement has tons of exclusives, giveaways, and Planeteer scoop that you can’t get anywhere else! The Power Is Yours! Preorder the DVDs here.

Polluting by Computer: Dr. Blight (Meg Ryan) and MAL (Tim Curry) were an early 90’s hacking team! They committed identity theft on the Planeteers and redesignated the national parks as toxic waste dumps! How would you do that using dial-up?

The following article is from National Parks Traveler, and was written by Kurt Repanshek.

One-thirteenth of 1 percent of the $3.55 trillion federal budget gets you funding for the entire National Park System and the agency that oversees it, according to National Parks Conservation Association analysts.

Yet that miniscule sliver hasn’t stopped Congress from eyeing the National Park Service for cuts to help rein-in the $1.5 trillion federal deficit.

That one-thirteenth of 1 percent of the federal budget keeps places like Old Faithful and Gettysburg open for your enjoyment and education, makes it possible for you to walk the beaches at Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras, and Point Reyes national seashores, and puts on display the wonders of Mesa Verde National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Dinosaur National Monument.

That’s not the whole story, folks! Read the rest of the article here.

Pacific Northwest Clean Waters Challenge Launch

Washington State University Extension and the Pacific Northwest Regional Water Program launch a pledge-like program to encourage residents of the Pacific Northwest to make best choices in their homes, with transportation, and outdoors to protect water quality and community health.

Residents are encouraged to make at least 2 new choices in the Challenge out of ten.

Resources and incentive for making good choices are provided.

Residents have the ability to help ensure we have clean water by making best choices on a personal level.

Join our networks and help us share the Challenge with your friends:

The Power of Wind!

Hey LA!  Next week there are a couple of meet ups for LA Planeteers.   In addition to getting together and having a good time, we’d love for you to being your ideas for Planeteer projects too.  There is some great work being done in LA, from planting trees to cleaning beaches to promoting farmers markets – LA is where it’s at.

In addition to all that awesome work, there is another neat way you can help to build a green LA.  Did you know that the LA Department of Water and Power has a green power program?  You can sign up for it for just three cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity – and depending on what you can afford, you can sign up to have anywhere between 20% and 100% of your power come from renewable source like wind.

If you think about it, you have a choice.  You have to pay your electric bill anyway, so do you want to be paying for coal to be burned, or for wind turbines to be built?  The power is yours!

The program is awesome, but it is far smaller than other similar programs in other cities.  The City of LA had a goal to get to 20% renewable power by 2010.  That deadline has come and gone, but the program hasn’t.  Some LA Planeteers are thinking about how to spread the word and get more people to sign up.  Do you have any ideas for how we can do that?

We’ll see you next week, and we can’t wait to hear your ideas for this project and lots more!