Celebrating WATER Week in Roswell Georgia at the “Cecil B. Wood Water Treatment Plant” on 5.7.11

“Celebrating WATER Week”

 I spent the afternoon at Cecil B. Wood Water Treatment Plant in Roswell Georgia.  The Water Treatment Plant was commissioned in 1935 at a rated capacity of 300,000 gallons per day. In 1970, the plant was upgraded to produce a rate of 600,000 gallons per day. In 1990, the water plant was upgraded to its present rated capacity of 1.2 million gallons per day.  
I always enjoy learning about water.  This is the second annual tour of the plant, and I was able to attend last year as well.  Keeping up with the local water treatment methods (both uptake & discharge) and locations is vital to understanding the larger picture in Regards to Water Use & Water Conservation.  Today, I toured the Plant with my colleague Tony, and we both were awed as Mike Leonard, Water Operations Manager showcased the latest Water Filtration technology.  The Software and computer monitoring were impressive to say the least.  We also learned that Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Fluoride, Sand, Charcoal, Gravel, and Aeration all played a part in the Filtration process at this Water Uptake & Filtration Plant.  See more pictures of the afternoon here:  MyFacebookPage  Read More about Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment in Georgia.  Read the 2025 Comprehensive Plan & Study regarding the Hydrology, and WaterShed (and Greenspace) in Roswell GA.  Check out the GIS Georgia FLOOD MAP.
Water has always fascinated me.  Where does it come from, where does it go?  How do we clean it?  What does dirty water mean?  How do we maintain a steady supply of healthy drinking water to millions of people daily?
Many people ask the same questions. I seek to find answers.  In my 3.5 years in Fulton County, I have sought to understand the Water Systems, both intake and discharge.  This has led me on a long winding journey of ecological awareness.  Today was another piece.

Years back, and while in Architecture School, I studied intensively Conventional & Unconventional WasteWater Treatment, the Local Aquifer System, and the impact of Modern Development. The Result was a project called the PURE Museum which sought to provide a Holistic Sustainable Solution to these issues, but more importantly, it further embraced and reflected my dedication to a career in GREEN ARCHITECTURE, by respecting and understanding the local ecology & hydrology.
My Journey continues.  An exciting new day is always ahead!                   
Check Out more Sustainable Solutions at www.telkerdesign.com
Most Importantly, remember we all take part, as an individual or team, Keeping Our Planet Clean!
“GO Planet” — #TPIY


Last year, I directed a recital concert entitled “Music for the World, Save the Earth”. My vision is to conduct a concert not only to showcase my students’ talents but also, to spread awareness about the current situation of our beloved Mother Earth.

Here is a short video that I presented to my students, with clips and a song in line with that inspiration.

Go Planet!

[vsw id=”lT5Jj7jK8q8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

A “GREEN” State of Mind

Ah, the wind gently brushes against my skin as I take in the fresh air and the scent of vegetation that surrounds me. The waterfall to my left flows vibrantly down the enormous cliff into the most beautiful indigo river. The sun tickles me with its warmth. At the moment I am one with the earth, I feel the love it radiates. This must be Eden. RING, RING, RING … I awake to my alarm clock realizing it was all a dream. The reality is Human interruption of earth’s natural process has ignited major environmental issues such as Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Global Warming, Hazardous Waste, Ozone Depletion, Smog, Water Pollution, and Rain Forest Destruction;decreasing the size of Eden on Earth.

It is time for all of us to change the outlook of the planet and save what little is left of the earth’s resources; give back to the Earth all that it has given to us. We must change our ways so future generations will have a cleaner world where they can breathe unpolluted air and drink clean water. Taking small steps by changing old wasteful and harmful habits into more “Green” habits sets a good example for those around you, your children, family and friends.

You are probably wondering what kind of impact you can make, after all you are only one person amongst billions. While you may not think that just one person makes a difference, think about it on a larger scale. If each of us only made a few small changes, like recycling bottles or investing in a reusable coffee travel mug, we can start to cut down on the negative effects that we have on the planet. Every little bit helps.

Today, April 16, 2011, starts the first day of Earth Week with April 22, 2011 being the designated global holiday, what’s your “GREEN” State of Mind?

Every Day is Earth Day:

Five Household Tips for Going Green

  1. Save Waste by switching from bottled water to filtered water.
  2. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth and use as little water possible when washing dishes.
  3. Recycle everything. This is the cheapest and easiest way of going green at home. All you need is two garbage cans and willingness to separate your trash.
  4. Save energy by washing laundry in cold water only
  5. Save energy and waste by switching from regular batteries to rechargeable

By: Valene Greene

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Rep the Planeteer Movement for the iMatter March!

Our world is in peril – but there is still hope. Planeteers around the world are marching in the iMatter March. If we stand for change and demand that our future be taken into consideration, we can make a difference. We can live like our future matters, because it does.

That’s why the Planeteer Movement is supporting the iMatter March: A global event in which people and Planeteers around the world raise our voices against climate change. We don’t have time to linger, and saving the planet begins with us.

The Atlanta Planeteers have made great headway on setting up their own local march using the resources on the iMatter March page. Check out our step-by-step guide to hosting your own Planeteer iMatter March!

1. Decide what day between May 7th and 14th works best for you. Most iMatter Marches are occurring on May 8th. Also, you’ll want to choose a starting time and starting point (a bar, restaurant, or landmark).

2. Register your March on iMatterMarch.org – If there’s a flag in your area, there’s already a march going on! You should combine your powers to work together with your community.

3. Plot your route using Google Maps. Try to decide on a route with some awesome photo opportunities! These will be great souvenirs for your network page.

Planeteers are no strangers to marches!
4. Invite your friends! Even a group of five people can make a difference if you can gather signatures for the iMatter Petition – a call for lawmakers to recognize the causes and effects of climate change, and to “live as if the future matters.”

5. Make a Facebook Event! This is an easy way to reach a lot of people. Promote it on all of your networks: Facebook, Twitter, Email, and ask those attending to do the same. Most of all, promote it on your Planeteer Network! Make it inspirational – this is your chance to tell the world that you care about the future. Express your passion for the environment and the importance of your peers’ attending.

You should also check out iMatter’s list of partner organizations – there’s a good chance someone in your community has resources (and people) to help make your march a huge success!

6. Gather your materials and Planeteer-ize! Let the world know that Planeteers support the iMatter March by wearing your own Planeteer shirts while you march! You can make your own shirts using our handy DIY guide. You can make your shirts beforehand, or just meet up a few hours before the march starts.

7. Think of ways to draw attention to yourselves! Signs, banners, and more are all available on iMatter’s Resources section. Bring your petitions and clipboards, wear your Planeteer shirts, and march, march, march!

Represent the Planeteers in the iMatter March this May 8th, and let the world know you want to make a difference! Most of all, remember to have fun! Post pictures or video of your march on Captain Planet’s Facebook Page and on your Planeteer Network! Show the world it’s cool to be Planeteers!

By the way, notice anything new on our site? That’s right, we’ve added over a dozen new Planeteer Networks! Check the networks tab and join your local Planeteer Network to share ideas, events, and eco-information with your local community! If you’d like to start your own network, send a message to mail@planeteermovement.com and we’ll help you get started! The time to get involved is now – and together, we need to unite to show the world what it means to be a Planeteer.

Earth Day!

We only have one Earth, and it’s important to take care of it.  That’s why we’re celebrating Earth Day!

Lessons from the Captain

Lesson #One: The Power is Yours!

Don’t wait on anyone to clean up your own environment. Start with your house and backyard, then your neighborhood, your school, church, your city, and from there on. Gather together likeminded inviduals, post on your blog,  share the Captain with your nieces, nephews, children, anyone you can. Buy the Captain Planet DVD set and donate it to a daycare, children school, anywhere they will make good use of it. You can’t wait for nor depend on any orgonization to take care of this for you. If they were doing it, then there would be nothing to clean up nor recycle left.

The planeteers didn’t wait on legislation to force people to recycle and conserve, they did it themself and taught through example. When people begin to see you sporting your rings and Planeteer shirts out in the open cleaning up trash and recycling, they will take notice. If they don’t recognize the symbols I gurantee you someone will ask you what you are doing and why eventually, then tell them with pride. Everyone benefits from  a cleaner earth, and what better day than on this coming Earth day.  If you can you should show the world you are a Planeteer and get out there and pick up around you city. In elementary school I remember the school teachers leading us out and cleaning up trash for this day (also my birthday) and that was mandatory observance for Earth day (and they weren’t even representing the Captain!) What are you waiting for!? Get out there and prove that The Power {is still} Yours!

Re-invigorate the Earth!

If you don’t already know, then you should learn a little about orgonite. It is an invention created by Karl Hans Welz, and is a more powerful version of Willhelm Reich’s orgone accumulators. With these not only can you recycle metal shavings, dust, and loose small metal fragments that could contaminate ground water or get stuck in tires, but also give energy back to the earth to grow. Casting one as a pendant and wearing it will give you more energy in life aswell, and anyone could make their own, no shop required.

For more information and how to use these effectively and responsibly, go to http://www.warriormatrix.com/ and www.orgonetech.com/chiforum

Remember, the Power IS yours, after all.

Captain Planet Season 1 DVD Preview Event

Hey there L.A. Planeteers! Saturday was the Captain Planet DVD Season 1 preview event. Here are some videos of what happened.

World Premiere of Captain Planet Season One on DVD at Renew Social Venture on 4.6.11

World Premiere of Captain Planet Season One on DVD at Renew Social Venture on 4.6.11

Barbara Pyle, Captain Planet, Andrew Telker
World Premiere of Captain Planet DVD Screening on 4.6.11

What an Amazing Night, with so many Local ECO-Voices. Captain Planet and the Planeteers, series creators, and environmental experts came out tonight and rallied the GOOD GREEN Energy of Atlanta as Architecture for Humanity Atlanta, Renew Social Ventures, and the Planeteer Movement proudly hosted:

The World Premiere of Captain Planet Season One on DVD!
The series first-ever official DVD release was debuted with a screening of episode 1, followed by the “Making of Captain Planet BONUS features”. This was a once in a lifetime event, so I couldn’t miss it! Meeting Barbara Pyle, and having an opportunity to work with Architecture for Humanity Atlanta & Renew Social Venture to Host the Event was a REAL Honor.

Steven Shappiro, a fellow colleague of AHFA, started off the show with some good ECO-Insight and then led into a brief introduction of our Honored ECO-Guests. Erin Glynn of the Sierra Club was in attendance, as well as Eco-Builder Robert Soens of Pinnacle Custom Builders. We had several other ECO-Leaders in the community, to many to mention here.

Barbara Pyle spoke about Captain Planet, and the Planeteer Movement. She is such a powerful speaker, and ECO-Motivator. Her words echoed truth, conservation, and activism. I toke some mental notes of course.

Next, We screened Episode 1. A Hero for Earth – Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, summons five teenagers from five different corners of the world to help her in the battle to save the planet. For their first assignment, the Planeteers battle Hoggish Greedly, whose oil rig operation is jeopardizing the coastline. 

Brandon Sutton followed up the Screening with a brief synopsis of the Spirit of the Gulf Coast, a project that developed as a volunteer documentary project that continues to raise awareness of the ongoing impacts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how the people along the coast demonstrate their resilience in light of adversity.

HUGE thanks to Mark Hubbard at Renew Social Venture for providing the Lounge SUPER SCREEN Sound, seating, and atmosphere in your Venue in Historic Downtown Roswell Georgia. Big ECO-Thanks to Everybody Involved! 
Read this BLOG and other ECO-BLOGS at: http://andrewtelker.blogspot.com/
Follow The Planeteer Movement on Twitter @PlaneteerAlert #TPIY
“The Power Is Yours”   —  “GO Planet”

Twitter Giveaway and Live-Tweeting Tomorrow Night at 7:30 PM Eastern!

Hey, all you Planeteers out there in Internet land! Tomorrow night is the World Premiere of Captain Planet on DVD in Atlanta!! Check out the invite if you live in Atlanta. Not in town? No problem! Tomorrow night, April 6th, at 7:30 Eastern, we’ll be live-Tweeting from the premiere – and giving out tons of prizes online! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter @PlaneteerAlert, and use the hashtag #TPIY on your Tweets to join the conversation. Best of all, there’s no cover charge!

We’ll be giving away a plethora of 90’s Captain Planet swag that you can’t find anywhere else, from popup books, to Planeteer patches, to a huge grand prize including T-Shirts, Captain Planet bags, and a set of the DVDs!! This is going to be the best Wednesday EVER!

Can’t make the Twitter party? No worries, you can still win the DVDs! That’s right. We’re that good. Just follow us on Twitter @PlaneteerAlert, and copy and paste the following Tweet:

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And with that, it’s time to announce this week’s winners! Congratulations to @ar403 and @RedeemedRecyclr, you each have won a set of Captain Planet Season One on DVD!!

Didn’t win? You still have plenty of chances! We’ll be giving away 3 sets of DVDs per week for the next two weeks – That is, until the DVDs are released in stores. You can enter as many times as you want, so what are you waiting for? Copy, paste, and Tweet the text above! And don’t forget about our DVD Premiere Giveaway Extravaganza tomorrow, April 6th, at 7:30 PM Eastern! Remember: @PlaneteerAlert, hashtag #TPIYThe Power Is Yours!