Planeteer Profiles are GO!!! (planet)

The newest section of our ever-expanding site has been unveiled and is quickly growing. Add your ranks to the Planeteer Profiles to show our strength in numbers and share your eco-stories with fellow Planeteers!

You can even create a video profile through your YouTube account and send us the link at, and we’ll attach the video!

Ready for action?

Hey Planeteers! Our brand new section of the site, the Events Calendar, is up and running. Stop on by and explore any volunteer events that might be taking place near you!

Be sure to check out Expedition Blue Planet, an awesome opportunity to get involved with stops all over the country, and Atlanta’s Dragon*Con parade is just over a month away! Speaking of Captain Planet and parades, check out this blast from the past (jump to 18 sec):

That’s all for now, Planeteers! Check back for more events soon!

Captain Planet @ Outdoor Nation

Hey Planeteers! The ball has really started rolling with Captain Planet’s 20th birthday! When we found out about the Outdoor Nation Youth Summit in Central Park, we knew it would be loaded with Planeteers, so off we went. We met a ton of people who were totally enthusiastic about why Captain Planet should be back on TV and how he influenced their lives. Check out the video below the bump!

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Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss

Jason Plautz over at mental_floss recently posted an awesome Lunchtime Quiz about the show!! Mental_floss is a cool magazine that features all kinds of interesting tidbits of information, so be sure to explore more of the site while you’re there. Click on the image to check out the quiz! Good luck, Planeteers!

Bring Back Captain Planet

Weren’t the 90’s great?  Pogs, Game Boys, lawn darts, and best of all, Captain Planet.  These Planeteers sure remember, and they want to see Cap brought back in a big way.  Check out the video below and stop on by the YouTube page to subscribe for more!

Oh, and Hammer Pants were pretty cool too.  Sike!  ‘Til next time, The Power is YOURS!

Captain Planet Tube is UP!!

Hey there Planeteers!

The official new YouTube site for Captain Planet is up and running, so stop on by and subscribe as we’ll be having a bevy of great new videos being posted in the upcoming weeks! If you already have a video featuring Captain Planet on your own YouTube page, be sure and send us an email in our Contact section!  We’d love to see it, and may even feature it in our upcoming new section of the site, ‘The Power is Yours!’  Right on!

Planet Earth Live in Atlanta on July 16, 2010

Captain Planet Foundation joins the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) as they present: Planet Earth Live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater!

The BBC’s Emmy-Award-winning series’ most spectacular moments will be shown on the Amphitheater’s big screens and features conductor George Fenton and guest vocalist Haley Glennie-Smith on Friday, July 16, 2010.

For more information about this event: click here.

Friends of Captain Planet Foundation will receive a 20% discount on tickets.
click here and use the password: Captain Planet

What happens when Planeteers grow up?

Earth, Wind, Fire Water... It's Captain Planet!If flickr photos are any indication, adult Planteers are a diverse cross section of our generation who’ve gone on to do remarkable things. What many have in common is a continued commitment to Planeteer values they first learned in childhood.

Their creative work inspired by the show and its characters now reflects a more sophisticated take on environmentalism and sense of global community—well beyond the original cartoon. And the number of photos with shoes, hands and rings held together in Planeteer fashion are too many to count.

We know there are grown up Planeteers everywhere doing great things. Our goal is to connect them with each other to combine our powers and passion for the good of the planet.