A Helpful Reminder

Autumn is finally here.  What that means is freedom from the indoors and the constant ‘cfc hum’.  Now that the weather is finally out of the three digits, one can now forget about the high summer energy bills, but not quite.  Now is probably the best time to get your ac tuned up.  Including the one in your car.
Like everything, the air conditioning units have parts which need to be replaced so that it works at maximum efficiency.  Not only checking to see if any parts need to be replaced, but also to check for any leaks, whether it’s leaking the cool air or refrigerant.  And, of course, make sure you dispose of the different parts, especially the refrigerant, properly.
Something else would be to have the vents cleaned, especially if you have pets indoors.  It’s amazing all the dust(and pet hair)that can make it into and gather up in those vents.  By keeping them clean, it assures that the cool air makes it all the way into the room, where you want it, and not get trapped in the vents.
It’s also a good idea to check the insulation in your attic.  The temperature in the attic can make a lot of difference.  Usually, when the attic is not ventilated well, it can raise the temperature in your home up to about ten degrees.
With it being only autumn, it probably does seem a bit early to start getting ready for the next summer, but I personally think that it’s never too early to prepare for the next summer.  Of course, what would be most ideal would be not to have to use it all, but at least here in Phoenix, AZ in those 110-115 degree summers, there’s sometimes just no getting out of it during the summer months.  So you want to try to use it as little as you can, and keep it in good working order so that it cools better.