Lions saved from Poisoning

For a long time, habitat loss and poaching is not the only threats lions and other animals face.  There is also villages where they sometimes attack livestock.  This has led to problems with the people living there.

The Warriors for Wildlife is a group dedicated to helping coexistance between lions and people.  These are young people trained by the African People and Wildlife Fund.  One of the things they do is to help prevent lion killings or poisonings by helping protect the lions’ wild prey and their habitat, as well as helping build enclosures to keep livestock safe as well as keeping lions out.

Some time ago, they came across a cow carcass.  The vultures which had been feeding on it were also found dead nearby.  Upon closer inspection, they saw evidence of Furadan which is a chemical used to poison lions and other carnivores.  The cow had been killed by lions and this was put on the carcass in the hopes that the lions would come and feed again.

The carcass was burned to prevent any further poisoning of lions or any other animals.  Livestock-predator conflicts are a major problem in some parts of the world.  Livestock is some peoples’ livelihood, and the attacks by predators can cause huge losses.  Many people such as the African People and Wildlife Fund are working to help protect both the lions and livestock.